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Top Cartoon Gym Moments

The Muscles & Fitness is huge these days, and just about every comedy out there has had a shot at the fitness industry at some point.  Some of our favourite mainstream cartoons like The Simpsons and Family Guy, have some rather interesting and hilarious looks at the gym and fitness mentality.  Just for something a little different and light hearted I’ve embeded some videos for your viewing pleasure, enjoy! Read More→

Jason Statham – ActiveBodi Fitness Profile

Jason StathamYou’ve seen Jason Statham before.  He’s made you look twice in The Transporter, and three times in Death Race.  This is a man he seems to stay in insanely good shape with such a defined physique and smooth charisma. Jason Statham is hard not to notice, you may think to yourself “how the hell does he get in that kind of shape?, If I know maybe I could apply some of that to my routine and achieve similar results.”  The truth is any tips from anyone in such phenomonal shape can make a tremendous difference to your results.  As they say, let the results do the talking.  We’ve seen the results, so what’s his secret? Read More→

Why Your Hundreds of $$$ Worth of Supplements Simply Don’t Work

Magic Pills?It’s all about hype. When you read a bodybuilding magazine or article online you hear about a magical supplement that will make your muscles massive or shred the fat around you mid section and make you ripped, all in 4 weeks. You find this new scientific formula guaranteed to give you mind-blowing results, there’s even a before and after picture of some guy who’s used this products and had unbelieveable results (usually a fitness model who’s let himself go intentionally before hand). So why not pull out you hard earned cash and make a purchase, it’s one of the more expensive products out there but what the hell? You deserve to be in shape, and this supplement is the key, or so you think… Read More→

Tony Gregory’s Transformation

Tony Gregory Before & After

Tony Gregory, is a skinny kid from Gahanna Ohio USA, who wanted to get bigger muscles. He hit the weights to grow more muscle, and using tips he found Read More→

Vince’s Weight Training Tips

Vince Delmonte -  Weight Lifting Tips

Guys & gals everywhere want to get muscles but few people truly understand proper weightlifting. There’d be ripped, muscular physiques flooding the streets if it were that easy. Although understanding proper weightlifting methods, it’s important to do the following:

1. Write down your long term goal, aswell as a realistic short term goal.

2. Commit to one program for 12 weeks.

3. Prior to beginning – get a proper education.

4. Get a trainer to demonstrate proper technique.

5. Focus on progressing gradually. Read More→

Transform your body! Part Two – Exercise and Discipline

Go for a run!So you want to transform your body.  You’re goal is to be able to see your abs again or for the first time, or even just to slim down, or you just want to fill out those new shirts you got over christmas a little better, or a combination of these things.  Knowing what type of  exercise to perform is critical, coupled with proper nutrtion (discussed in the last post), results shouldn’t be too far away Read More→

Home Gym Essentials! Everything you need to get lean & muscular!

I’m a big gym goer, there’s nothing like the environment of everyone working in common space, with a common goal.  Sometimes however, going to the gym is a major hassle, if you’ve ever lived out of town or simply too pressed to get the gym in opening hours.  This is where the home gym comes in handy but with one problem – not everyone can afford thousands of dollars worth of equipment, nor have  the space to keep the equipment.  So we’ve created a list of the essentials, to get you home gym started without spending thousands or adding a new floor to your house. Read More→

35 Top Fitness Articles & Posts from around the web!

I find writing for this website quite rewarding and the feedback I get is excellent.  But like most people in the field of fitness, weight loss and/or muscle growth the information is learned or picked up from somewhere else before put into practice, where experience grows.  So here are some top reads from around the web:
Read More→

The top 3 exercises that will make your muscles huge!

Use these 3 exercise to get huge muscles!Muscles grow in response to shock, the shock that an exercise provides the muscles as well as your entire body.  Growth Hormone and testosterone elevate and as you eat plenty of healthy food to keep the muscle fueled you will grow larger and more muscular.

There are many reasons people fail at growing muscle, and a bad training routine is one of the top reasons.  Going to too hard or not hard enough is a major problem, with people not lifting heavy enough or simply training too frequently.  Another major mistake is overlooking the statistically proven exercises that yield the best results and are heavily responsible for the massive physiques we see that make us want to train harder.

The exercises I am talking about are compound movements, movements that don’t over isolate any particular muscle group but place tremendous stress on your entire body, making them the most effective way to shock both your muscles and your body into growth.

Even more specifically I refer to ‘The Big Three’ – the 3 exercises sworn upon by most massive fitness professionals like Jason Ferruggia with proven results and huge muscles that are a testament to ‘The Big Three’.

The Big Three:


I once read the quote “squats are to legs what legs are to fitness”, often referred to as the king of all muscle building exercises. Too many people overlook leg training completely, and the squat is overlooked as just a leg building exercise.  First of all, you can’t have a massive muscular upper body and twigs for legs – that’s just ridiculous.

The muscles in the legs need to be trained not only to avoid looking ridiculously skinny, but because training the legs produces more growth hormone and testosterone to give the body that extra push to grow solid muscle mass. Aside from just training the legs, squats also strengthen the hips and lower back, which helps prevent injuries.  The entire upper body is at work to stabilise the weight up top, the arms, shoulders, chest and your core are hard at work just hold the weight in place.  Why settle for working an isolated muscle growth when with the squat you can shock your entire system into growth!

DeadliftThe Deadlift

Probably the oldest weightlifitng exercise around –  there’s a bar on the ground, you pick it up.

It’s not quite as easy as it sounds though.  Especially when you’re lifting huge amounts of weight much heavier than yourself.  Like the squat, the deadlift is another exercise that hits the entire body, sending Testosterone and Growth Hormone through the roof! The deadlift  is the only exercise that so effectively works your entire back and core, aswell as giving the legs and glutes a workout.

Although I highly recommend the deadlift, I wouldn’t recommend doing an extremely heavy session of 6 or less reps more than once a week.

Bench Press

Bench Press“What d’ya bench?” This is one exercise I would say is rarely overlooked, and is usually the first exercise the novice lifter runs to in order to get bigger and stronger.  The bench press works the chest, whilst also placing stress on the triceps and other stabilizing muscles.  As the only exercise that directly targets the upper body, growing the chest and arms, bringing balance to “The Big Three”, it is imperative the bench press is performed in order maintain a proportional body (one without massive legs and a smaller upper body).  The main mistake made is that the bench press is over emphasized  and to get the results you want from it you should try to utilize it with the 2 above exercises in your weekly plan to get the best progress.

Utilizing all the above exercises in a reasonably short workout (keeping your session short can mean huge gains – read more here) is the key to shocking the entire body and boost testosterone levels for more effective muscle growth, especially when combined with plenty of healthy muscle building foods and adequate sleep.

For more information ob building muscle, check out our dedicated muscle building section here.