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8 Unexpected but Famous Celebrity Body Transformations!

You didn’t see it coming!  One day you flick on your television or go to a movie and you see it – they’ve completely changed!

This is the sort of thing that really gets people in the fitness industry turning heads. When a an unsuspected transformati0n takes place, turning a celebrity that is an otherwise normal specimen into someone who could easily show off a six pack & a set buff guns on the front cover of Men’s Fitness.

With some before and afters and a little info, here are a few famous faces gone buff, that the public didn’t see coming.  Most of these happened some time ago, but are still interesting nonetheless. Check them out!

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle

Everyone remembers Dave Chappelle from the self named ‘Chappelle Show’ as well some other appearances as the skinny but hilarious comedian.  After he left his show, Chappelle went and did some soul searching, and surprisingly showed up buff one day!  As one of my favourite comedians, I hope he keeps it up!

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Carrot Top

Carrot Top

The skinny king of prop comedy, Carrot top is an energetic performer.  Well he’s hit the weights, and not just bulked up but is also completely shredded!  His current physique is a bit of conversation point these days – a completely out of the blue transformation.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

Chris has always been in shape, he’s shown up in a few big shows and movies, but once Thor hit the screens not long ago people saw just how much mass the Aussie has managed add to his frame.  One of the biggest celebrity bulk ups I’ve seen!

Jack Osbourne

Jack Osbourne

The formerly Chubby son of rock star Ozzy Osbourne turned heads with his impressive effort to drop a tonne of weight.  Jack accomplished this by flying to thailand and hitting some pads at one of the reputable Muay Thai clubs.  That kind of high intensity sport is a definite way to make a difference!

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Always a skinny guy in hilarious roles, Ryan Reynolds changed the path of his career when he signed to play King in Blade Trinity, a role that saw him buff up into the ‘fitness cover model-esque’  looking guy he is today.

Taylor Lauthner

Taylor Lauthner

From skinny kid to buff kid!  When the second Twilight film came out, so did Taylor with a set of guns, a ripped midsection and a pretty solid physique.  He’s not looking back either!

Jake Gyllenhaalbef

Jake Gyllenhaal

Another skinny guy gone buff.  Filming for Prince of Persia Jake needed to get shredded and add a little mass.  A feat the apparently wasn’t very easy – good on him for puttin’ it in.  Lookin’ good.

Dr Dre

Dr Dre

Dr Dre wasn’t known for an imposing physique.  When he appeared at the VMA’s a few years ago looking crazily buff, people talked!  This is one of the bigger bulk ups, definitely a change for the better.

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‘Be Like Water’ A look at Alkalinity

Be Like Water‘Be Like Water’ is a quote by Bruce Lee, it’s an expression of philosophy in martial arts, and has nothing to do with this article!

However, it is a line I use to remember how important keeping your body in a slightly alkaline state.  Being like water is something I aim for every day, because the human body is made up mostly of water, so keeping the quality of that water pristine is paramount.

In actual fact, my variation of the quote should be – ‘be like clean water’.

As our bodies are mostly water, our bodies health and general function is greatly dictated state our ‘water’ is in.  But you can be too alkaline.

The key is to find the balance.

The way to know whether or not you need to focus on increasing your alkalinity is to test your pH levels.  There’s a spectrum going from Acidic to Alkaline.  Your body likes to be somewhere in the middle, slightly alkaline.  Chances are if you don’t have a healthy diet, you are quite acidic.

The negative effects of being acidic

If your pH level is low, in the acidic range, than your body, organs and everything your comprised of is sitting in filthy, acidic fluid.  There is absolutely no way that is good for your health or your athletic performance.

Simply living in this state, as most people in the world right now do, increases your risk of a massive range of health problems.  It can suppress your immunity and increase the risk of cancer in the body (in opposite fashion, cancer cells cannot survive in a completely alkaline environment).  An acidic environment in your body is like giving Cancer cells a comfy couch and plenty of food – it’ll sit there and grow and grow.

As someone looking for a better body or fitness, acidic pH levels will affect your muscle mass, help increase levels of body fat and effect your energy levels greatly.


I’ll say it again, if the water in your body is acidic and sick – you are acidic and sick. That simple.  Your body is made up of this water.

Why find the balance and become slightly Alkaline?

Well, as mentioned above, you can sidestep all of the side effects but it also has one benefit – your body will operate properly!

You body is always trying it’s best to be slightly alkaline so it can burn energy more efficiently and create an environment for muscle and organs to survive and thrive, as well as promote less body fat and a general fresh, healthy feeling.

Ultimately, balancing your pH to slightly Alkaline will make you healthier, boost your immune system, decrease inflammation and aid in muscle growth aswell as fat loss!   Your body needs to be slightly alkaline to operate efficiently.

Are your levels balanced?

Honestly, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, there’s a reasonably good chance you’re already slightly alkaline, but there’s a way to find out for sure.

acid or alkaline?

To be slightly alkaline, you should have pH level of 7.38.  You can test this quite easily using Diagnostic Ph Test Strips.  All you have to do is take small strip, place it on your tongue for 2 or 3 seconds (soaking it in saliva), take it out and compare it to the colors on the chart that come with the strips.

If your levels are lower than 7.38, then you are acidic, above and you are more alkaline.

That easy, but there are certain times that give you a more accurate reading.

First thing in the morning, and just after a meal or brushing your teeth will lead to slightly inaccurate readings.  So waiting a few hours after any of these events will give you the best reading.  If you want to change your pH levels, then you need to change the way you eat (and drink)!

Becoming more Alkaline

Chances are you’re more acidic than alkaline if you aren’t balanced.  Certain foods and drinks will make your body more acidic.  Any junk food, soft drink, grains or anything outside of healthy meats, vegetables, fruits and eggs will lower you pH and make you acidic (if eaten too often).

Make some simple adjustments and include more of the above foods, emphasizing on vegetables and fruit, as they are the most alkaline forming foods you can eat.  Fruit in particular like apples or watermelon will make a big difference.

If you still have trouble there are some simple tricks!

Lemon Juice & Water for Alkalinity

Lemons are probably the most alkaline forming food you can get, but chillin’ out chewing a lemon may not suit you.  Try squeezing lemon juice (from a fresh lemon, not lemon juice in a bottle form the supermarket) into a cup of water, and drinking that.

‘Lemony water’ is something I swear by, but I don’t like having to squeeze them freshly all the time.  Since you can’t keep lemon juice in the fridge for more than a couple of days, I’ll juice 10 lemons and freeze them up into ice cubes.  Then drop 2 lemon juice ice cubes into a drink, let it dissolve and drink up!  This also makes the flavor a little less sour.

If you’re a supplement kinda person, then try some alkalising greens like pHresh Greens.  It’s a powder, so once again mix with water and drink up.

Beyond the immediate health benefits

Simply being pH balanced makes you feel cleaner and fresher, but it also helps you to keep track of how healthy your diet is.

Healthy Fruit

Your level of Alkalinity is almost directly linked to the quality of food your eating.  If you’re eating unhealthy crap, you will be more acidic, if you eat healthy fruit and vegetables, you’ll be balanced.  That simple.

Checking alkalinity will give you a good idea of the environment your body works in.  So if you have no idea where you stand, I’d suggest finding out!  All it takes is 5 seconds and some  Ph Strips, and you’ll know where you stand!

Remember that getting plenty of water is essential to good health.  This will aid all aspects of fitness, including losing weight and building muscle.  SO don’t ignore the need for balance in your body’s pH levels.

Do you need to Go Primal?

Time to Go Primal?Ever imagined a world  of people that were all ripped, had a solid foundation of muscle and athleticism and ate only the healthiest of food?  Well it was once a reality, about 10,000 years ago.  The fittest & most physically developed human of the our time was one who basically lived on the land picking his fruits and veg and hunting animals to stay alive.  So if you want to be in that kind of shape, maybe you should consider ‘Going Primal’.

Is it time for you to Go Primal?

Well yes, if you want a highly effective way to get into awesome shape.  But before you leave your house and head off to go hunt wild animals and live in the dirt, I’m talking about a slightly different approach. The approach I’m talking about is adapting primal living into our current-day modern lifestyle.  For years fitness experts have slowly been zeroing in on the fact that natural, grown food (meat, veges & fruit) are the ultimate foods for health, fitness and body composition (having cool abs and looking ripped!).

The idea of studying the entire overall lifestyle of our primates and applying it to a modern lifestyle of health and fitness came from an amazingly athletic guy in his late 50’s named Mark Sisson.  This philosophy of ‘going back to nature’ in modern society is something Mark has covered in his book titled  ‘The Primal Blueprint.

Mark Sisson Going Primal!

Mark Sisson going primal in his late 50’s

Why follow our Genetic Primal Blueprint?

We are genetically programmed to live like our primitive ancestors: eating off the land, being active and hunting for survival.  Instead we sit in front of computers (for example –  I am sitting at a computer typing out this post), we drive everywhere, we eat processed poisonous foods, rarely get active and barely follow our genetic design.

It’s a fact, our current cushy lifestyles are slowly turning us in a physically weak & unhealthy race.  

I know, it’s just so fun! Sitting around watching TV, drinking a can of Coke and laughing at people in reality TV shows.   But there comes a time when you have to get off the couch, get active and run around like a primate!

When we follow an inactive lifestyle, we program our genetics to take things a little too easy.   Being inactive causes us to get weak and eventually (over many years) it cripples our ability to move normally. On top of that,  the poisonous food we eat slowly weakens our immune system, causing us to get sicker more often.

But beyond diet and exercise, it’s our lifestyle filled with things like watching TV until late at night combined with erratic alarms buzzing in the mornings that shock us out of sleep, and the stress of hectic modern life that also wreaks havoc on our bodies.

We are designed for a simpler existence and we constantly overrun and confuse everything our bodies understand and this causes a small degree of malfunction which leads to impaired development that makes us more prone to disease and generally worn down, tired and very often unhappy.

While this may seem extreme, compared to a primate, this comparison is very accurate (apart from the death by wild animal style demise primates were usually met with).  This is a problem the Primal lifestyle can fix.

The Primal lifestyle is about simplicity!

  • Eat natural food that grows
  • Run around and stay active
  • Wind down at night naturally and get plenty of sleep.
  • Simplify your life and have fun!

Going Primal is about removing these poisonous aspects of our lives and changing for the better.  The only real problem is figuring out how to do that and still pay the bills every week, whilst finding time to play, get active and relax naturally with our family and friends.

Adapting The Primal Blueprint to your modern lifestyle!

Take things one step at a time!  First and foremost, start moving a little and getting regular exercise.  If you’re already exercising, that’s awesome!  Make sure you get plenty of resistance training and light cardio into your routine.

Eating the right food is all about choice.  Plan ahead, stock your fridge with plenty of vegetables, fruit, meat and eggs.  Take healthy food to work and everywhere you go. If you don’t plan ahead, and don’t manage to keep healthy food nearby, you will fail. Hunger is quite a force, and the convenience of junk food is at every corner!

As for the hectic lifestyle, this is perhaps the hardest thing to work on.  Remember, your life doesn’t have to revolve around exercises, 2 or 3 short sessions a week is enough.  Get some family or friend time in there, and make sure you’re home at an early enough hour to get your 8-10 hours sleep.

If you’re job is one that has you constantly busy, this can be almost impossible.  There’s only so much you can do. I can’t tell you to quit your job or change career paths.  Where there is little space for improvement, sacrificing work or health is the choice you’ll need to make on your own.

Mark Sisson’s book  The Primal Blueprint illustrates and discusses these lifestyle choices and offers advice for some of these problems.  It seems that a steady balance of all things is important to our well being, and he is living proof of the results.  Rarely sick, fit enough to ‘hang with the young guys’ (as he puts it) and sporting a set of ripped abs.  Not bad for a guy who’s almost 60!

Mark Sisson Going Primal!

To hear more from Mark Sisson, and a more complete outlook on the ‘Primal’ lifestyle, check out ‘The Primal Blueprint‘ (also on kindle here)!

Healthy French Toast – A Recipe by Isabel Des Los Rios

Here is another  healthy recipe from Isabel Des Los Rios (writer of The Recipe Guide, a Free E-Book that comes with the Diet Solution Manual) – Healthy French Toast!  Isabel delivers this recipe stating that “There’s no need to give up some of your favorite foods in an effort to lose weight and keep it off”, telling us that this is one of her frequently used weekend breakfast recipes that will stills fit into a healthy diet.

French Toast a la The Diet Solution


  • 2 whole eggs
  • 1 Tablespoon of butter
  • 2 slices Rice bread, Sprouted Grain, or Spelt  (any one will work)
  • Apple Sauce or Maple Syrup (with no added sugar)
  • Cinnamon to taste


  1. In a bowl big enough to fit a slice of bread, scramble the 2 eggs.
  2. Dip the bread into the egg mixture, be certain to coat it generously.
  3. Heat a pan (on low to medium) large enough for 1 or 2 slices of bread. Then add the butter.
  4. Add the bread coated with the egg mixture once the butter is melted in the pan. If it begins to turn brown, you have the heat up too high .
  5. Cook the bread on each side for 3 or4 minutes covered (covering the pan cooks the egg more evenly but you can also cook it uncovered).
  6. Serve with maple syrup (1 tsp per slice is more than enough) or topped with apple sauce and cinnamon.

recipe-bookSo should you class this as a cheat meal? Nope. This recipe consists of natural wholesome ingredients that are a perfect fit into a healthy diet. For more protein with your breakfast, add a little bacon, breakfast sausage or even another egg. Take a bite & enjoy!

For more cool recipes, check out The Diet Solution.  It’s a book on nutrition and diet, but has a nifty Recipe Book as a Bonus extra!

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Forget the Pills. Burn More Fat with Coconut Oil!

Oil from CoconutsThere’s a massive industry for fat burning products. The amount of powders and pills out there is incredible and almost all of them are full of hype which doens’t live up to the expectation. On top of that the effect on your helath is rarely good, with most using harmful chemicals all to achieve a little less fat around your midsection. So what we want is a healthier alternative that’s natural and healthy. I’m talking about Coconut Oil.

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Time off? Control your weight with good nutrition!

“No heavy lifting, anything over 4kg is out for 4-6 weeks.  No strenuous activity until we see you in 6 weeks…”

Stick to the healthy food!This is some medical advice no serious athlete wants to hear.  You’ve been training hard & planning to train even harder, eating strict and getting the results you want, then this happens.  I write this article in bed with my laptop, with a sore stomach and zero energy – my appendix came out.  After a night of hard training I woke up looking forward to adventure ahead – back to the gym that afternoon, an intense outdoor cardio session with some other seriously athetic mates the next day, followed by kayaking.   Then later that afternoon, before any of this happens, a small stomach ache.  “It’s nothing” was my immediate conclusion. But by 8 that night, I was in the hospital being told I could have appendicitis – that appendix has to come out! Read More→

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