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5 Changes in Mindset for a Better Body!

Change your Mindset and look like this!It’s time to think different.  The way you think is what determines who you are both mentally AND physically.  With any passion or goal in life, learning hundreds or thousands of isolated facts can help your progress, but it’s the concepts we learn that make us evolve.  It’s hard to overcome and unlearn our original hard-wired mentality when it comes to getting a lean, hard body.  Everything becomes so hard wired that you don’t even consider thinking about certain things in a different way. So here are 5 things that will have you thinking leaner, bigger and stronger: Read More→

Jason Statham – ActiveBodi Fitness Profile

Jason StathamYou’ve seen Jason Statham before.  He’s made you look twice in The Transporter, and three times in Death Race.  This is a man he seems to stay in insanely good shape with such a defined physique and smooth charisma. Jason Statham is hard not to notice, you may think to yourself “how the hell does he get in that kind of shape?, If I know maybe I could apply some of that to my routine and achieve similar results.”  The truth is any tips from anyone in such phenomonal shape can make a tremendous difference to your results.  As they say, let the results do the talking.  We’ve seen the results, so what’s his secret? Read More→

Why Your Hundreds of $$$ Worth of Supplements Simply Don’t Work

Magic Pills?It’s all about hype. When you read a bodybuilding magazine or article online you hear about a magical supplement that will make your muscles massive or shred the fat around you mid section and make you ripped, all in 4 weeks. You find this new scientific formula guaranteed to give you mind-blowing results, there’s even a before and after picture of some guy who’s used this products and had unbelieveable results (usually a fitness model who’s let himself go intentionally before hand). So why not pull out you hard earned cash and make a purchase, it’s one of the more expensive products out there but what the hell? You deserve to be in shape, and this supplement is the key, or so you think… Read More→

Lose the Love Handles once and for all – with interval training.

So you’ve been in the fitness game for a while now. You’ve been training hard and eating well for years but for some reason those annoying love handles cling onto you with no sign of disappearing. You feel fit, you feel healthy, but still can’t understand why your physique isn’t the desired representation of all that hard work.

All you need is a solution to this problem, a form of exercise that absolutely obliterates fat, leaving you shredded with your abs out in open for all to see. This form of exercise is interval training, and when combined with good nutrition, should finally get you the results you’ve always wanted. Read More→

Small Changes = Big Weight Loss Solution

Lose Weight with simple changes!Losing weight can be a difficult struggle for many, and it doesn’t have to be.  Quite often the age old advice of going to the extreme – dropping calories, eating strict and exercising frequently – isn’t the most effective advice one can get.  More often than not, a few simple lifestyle changes are the key to making dramatic changes in your body, as the extreme changes in activity and food intake can shock the metabolism and force your metabolic rate to crash, leading to even worse results – the burning of muscle and gain  of more body fat.  It’s because of this effect that it’s often suggested to perform a more gradual change over, to avoid this metabolic crash.

So what we need to do is similar, but not exactly the same as the previously mentioned plan of attack.  Cleaning up our diet and exercising doesn’t have to be a drastic change and can be as simple as a few little alterations in our lifestyle.  As mammals, we are built to adapt to our environment in order to survive.  A metabolic crash is a protective reflex to stop your body from using too much body fat and causing you to die of starvation.  I don’t think starvation is a huge problem in today’s society with waist sizes increasing every year.  So what small changes can we make? Read More→

The Dukan Diet – just a fad or is it the real deal?

The Dukan DietAll over TV, in magazines and spoken about constantly, fad diets come and go every year with promises of new ways to lose weight each seemingly more effective than the last.  The Dukan Diet has now surfaced, and although not new (at least in France), it’s the latest talk of the town.  The question is, how effective is it really? Does the Dukan Diet live up to the hype or is it just another passing fad?

Pierre Dukan started the Dukan diet in France roughly 10 years ago targetting obese indivduals desperate to lose weight.  As a Doctor of 35 years, his experience with overweight patients and repeat dieters lead him to write his book on the diet and initially named it the Protal diet, a name which has been abandoned for the favoured name: The Dukan Diet.  Today Pierre has expanded, writing numerous books and running an online personal coaching service, but does it really work? Read More→

Transform your body! Part Two – Exercise and Discipline

Go for a run!So you want to transform your body.  You’re goal is to be able to see your abs again or for the first time, or even just to slim down, or you just want to fill out those new shirts you got over christmas a little better, or a combination of these things.  Knowing what type of  exercise to perform is critical, coupled with proper nutrtion (discussed in the last post), results shouldn’t be too far away Read More→

Transform your body! Part One – Nutrition

New Year NutritionWhat is your new year’s resolution? For many it is to lose weight, while others may want to grow muscle.  Either way, it takes serious disipline and the right course of action to get solid results. A new year symbolises a new beginning for many –  a fresh start to a fresh year. So what is the right course of action and how can one find the discipline to follow through?

For best results, cleaning or ‘freshening’ up your food intake should be priority number one.  Since eating the wrong type of food can prevent weight loss and add extra unwantedweight when trying to muscle up, it is a universal truth to anyone regardless of their fitness goals.  Start by taking a look at what you eat and think about what things you could possibly subtract from your routine.  Any diet (or non-diet) softdrinks, unnecessary snacks and processed food can easily be discarded or replaced with a healthy natural alternative. Read More→

Are you getting results?

Are the scales telling the truth?Are you trying to lose weight? A lot of people out there train hard, eat well and have genuinely healthy lifestyles,  but are they achieving their goals?  If you started going to the gym or eating healthy with goal of losing fat or even just losing weight in general, are you certain that you are making progress?  Sometimes more than one avenue of tracking your progress is essential, since the slight results of one method (usually tracking bodyweight) don’t always tell the whole truth.

Sometimes weighing yourself alone is not an ideal way to track progress, but if tracking bodyweight is important to you, you must know how to do it correctly. Sometimes people panic from normal weight fluctuations, when all they need is proper timing.  Weighing yourself the same time of the day (on weigh-in day) is of utmost importance to check results properly.  Quite often people will weigh themselves first thing in the morning one week, then at night another and see that their weight hasn’t changed! This can be discouraging after a week of hardwork, but realistically a good kilogram (or pound) could have been lost since your body may fluctuate by that amount duri Read More→