What’s this website all about?

Well, you may have guessed it’s a blog about fitness – formerly known as ActiveBodi.com.

We simply want to deliver what seems elude a lot of people – straight forward and proven strategies for fitness, health, weight loss and muscle development.

Fitness for humans takes all of the fads and the crap that are mass marketing junk and pushes them aside, offering only the reality of what works.  The approahces on this website have helped not only myself but people all over the world and are the result of years upon years of research, and testing on myself and others.

There’s nothing difficult about achieving your goals – except for that initial hump of getting started.  So I ask you – What is you goal?  You need a goal, written down, in order to succeed.  Secondly you need a strategy so we’ve compiled a nifty little starters guide for you. The rest you can find on these pages!

I am hoping that the information I share on Fitness for Humans will help you achieve a level that is perfect for you!

Why listen to me?

I’ll put it quite simply –  you don’t really have a reason to…

I’m not a personal trainer or professional athlete,  I’m a regular Joe (a little more warped though) juggling fitness and health in the modern world, fitting it around a full time job, family, and an otherwise hectic schedule – yet still achieving the results I set out to achieve.

I didn’t start out fit, my genetics are pretty damn ordinary and my lifestyle and diet growing up made things very difficult in the beginning. I had nicknames like ‘Bacon Jaw’ (due to my double chin) and as far as a physical human specimen goes I had the intimidating physique and fitness for of a baby kitten.

One day though I invested in some weights, started lifting and eating cleaner and before you knew it I was fit, strong and LEAN.  Since then I’ve worked hard at increasing my muscle mass to a level I’m extremely happy with, and I now practice Martial Arts and constantly bounce off the walls with my routine because I love it so much.

Why did it work for me?  Because I did my homework.

It wasn’t an overnight adventure, but the results did come suddenly.

I had such an inferiority complex that I’d shy away from parties, sit in front of a computer all weekend, drink coke, eat chips, and blame the world for my problems (I was a smart kid, can you tell?).  As an adult, these problems carried over until I had enough did my best to keep fit with my own thrown together fitness routine.  For sometime I struggled and go nowhere, that’s when I realized I needed to get some solid instructions on how to do this.

After sifting through the fads unsuccessfully I found the truth was in accepting the simple challenge – eat well & train hard.   I got stuck into books like The Primal Blueprint & The Truth About Abs to educate myself on stripping up.  The later Book on building muscle by top guys like Jason Ferruggia.

My life and body then rapidly started to change, and I’ve never looked back!

Why the Website?

The reason I started this website is because I find myself constantly being asked for advice, and people listening to my answers, however crazy that sounds.  When I don’t know the answer, I cannot rest until I study & research to find a solution.  It has become a lifestlye not only for myself, but a way for me to help others.  So Fitness for Humans isn’t just about me, it’s about you! (Corny I know..)

I hope I can help you as much as I have helped others in the past!

So have a read, hopefully gain something from my site, have a laugh and please leave a comment, so I may too learn from you! I have always believed: having a better understanding of your body and yourself will rapidly increase your chances and progress in any fitness, weight management or health venture, as well as life itself.

If you have a question, or simply want to connect, drop me a line at admin@activebodi.com   or Like the Fitness for Humans Facebook Page, and say hello to me there!

– Wade McMaster