Chris Evans Captain America Transformation

Chris Evans Captain America Tansformation

chris evans weight gain photoIf you’re a fan of super hero movies or the Fantastic Four, chances are you’ve heard of Chris Evans.  In Fantastic Four he was Johnny Storm (The human torch), but even before then Chris Evans as always been an actor in excellent shape.  But his latest role as Captain America has him beefed up far beyond his early days in Not Another Teen movie to match the more ‘super hero’ look he needed to play the first avenger. Although it was not an easy road.

Evans told Pop Sugar: “We did two hours a day, and it was brutal. I usually like working out. Going in sucks, but walking out, you’re like, ‘I’m glad I did that!'”. “This was different. I’d walk out and I’d be like, ‘I need to vomit. I hate this trainer. I hate this movie. I want to go to sleep for a week.’ ‘It was just relentless. I’ve got a fast metabolism and I lose weight very quickly, so for me to get big, it was just eat a lot.”

This routine was so brutal, that Chris refused to set foot in a gym for weeks after shooting the film, taking the needed time to recuperate. But the results show that the high intensity coupled with plenty of rest and large meals packed with protein are what earned him the physique that’s turning heads. But beyond that his eating was also an uphill battle.  Stuffing his face with food beyond a comfortable level was an every day routine for Evans, and something he grew very tired of. He reveals “Working out sucked, eating sucked more,”, “You get to a point where you just can’t even look at another piece of chicken. You’re just so bloated, but you just have to keep consuming protein, so that was tricky.”

Chris Evans in Captain AmericaEven though Chris Evans may not exactly be loving the workout routine and the eating, he’s definitely becoming quite popular for his transformation.  Hardgainers all over the world are in desperate search of ways to get big. As a naturally skinny guy, Chris makes a good role model.  His words really solidify that if you want it that bad enough, you have to earn it.  Get that burning desire and push through it. One more rep, one more bite, and a solid sleep at night is all it takes.

If you haven’t seen Captain America yet, below is a trainer of the film. Please note that the smaller version of Chris’ Character in the trailer is digitally enhanced, weight lifting will not make you taller ;).  Enjoy!

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