Most Inspirational BodySpace Profiles

Inspiration and motivation, the feelings you get that drive you to overcome obstacles in your life and achieve your goals.  You may remember a post we did recently called Bodypace – Social networking for Gym Rats, we talked about the social network on that was the perfect environment to socialise and gain support from other like-minded fitness enthusiasts.  In this network there are some really inspirational people who have helped others make a difference with their training, and given them to drive to succeed. Here are a few of the top, most inspirational members of Bodyspace.

Chicken TunaChicken Tuna

Currently Inspiring 4,101 people.

43 year old Laura Harris has taken up the bodybuilding lifestlye after a life of little to no athletic activity.    Her no nonsense attitude of “working out is a pain in the ass” has found common ground with many bodyspace members.  She stays motivated by remembering a childhood of Asthma and hospitals vowing that she’ll continue to “bust her ass consistently” to stay healthy and strong.

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X Nick Edge X

X Nick Edge X

Currently Inspiring 5,067 people.

Nick’s beginnings are due to a childhood of being scrawny and picked on. Alsways active & fit, weightlifting was the obvious choice for Nick as he packed on the muscle to become a renowned natural, druge free fitness model.  He treats every rep as an accomplishment staitng that “each one makes you feel a million bucks”.  He values the support from his friends and family, as they  attribute greatly to his success. Nick also runs a website at

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Old Superman

Old Superman

Currently Inspiring 4,578 people.

Ed or POPPS, as he is frequently called, is a 57 years youhg bodybuilder with the body of a man in his 20′s (very few). He tells his story “The Doctor said to change life style or die young. Went to the gym that very day and joined. Lost 52 pounds, from 243 to 191 pounds. Then started to put on muscle. Now I’m 228, bulking up”.  He commands respect from everyone, especially young gus wishing to have his body at his age (or even now!). A true inspiration.

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31233 (Tiffany Forni)

Currently Inspiring 2,590 people.

Tiffany Forni claims that fitness is what keeps her sane, having weighed 235 pounds in the past, she has shred her bodyfat getting her overall weight down to 179 pounds.  She stays motivated by “Look at pictures of my fat ass. That will help me at first, then I become completely addicted to working out and eating all the time. It makes me happy, and therefore, the cycle continues.”

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Josh BME

Currently Inspiring 3,843 people.

Josh Englehart thrives on the challenge of keeping in awesome shape, but even more so the ability to motivate others.  After the death of his brother in 2002, he recognised the luck of those with healthy bodies, and disgusted by the abuse by most people of this luck.  Josh made it his goal to be in awesome shape, and be healthy for the rest of his life! Check out Josh’s website at

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