Jason Statham – ActiveBodi Fitness Profile

Jason StathamYou’ve seen Jason Statham before.  He’s made you look twice in The Transporter, and three times in Death Race.  This is a man he seems to stay in insanely good shape with such a defined physique and smooth charisma. Jason Statham is hard not to notice, you may think to yourself “how the hell does he get in that kind of shape?, If I know maybe I could apply some of that to my routine and achieve similar results.”  The truth is any tips from anyone in such phenomonal shape can make a tremendous difference to your results.  As they say, let the results do the talking.  We’ve seen the results, so what’s his secret?

Jason on Death RaceWhen Jason Statham arrived on the scene of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, he just your regular joe.  Not a terribly muscular guy, but Statham was always involved in some form of athletics. He was an accoimplished diver (Britian Olympic Diver)and gymnast as well as a fashion model.  So being in good shape has always been a part of his career.  But it wasn’t until the action flick The Transporter that Jason Statham really started turning heads with his physique.  Jason stepped out as a well-built ripped Martial Arts machine.  He had a smooth commanding presence and seemed to be a complete Action-Movie natural.

When it comes to nutrition, Jason is quoted as saying he never paid too much attention to calories until recently, that if it was healthy, he’d eat it.  Considering his workload has a diver or action star, it isn’t hard to imagine he’d have quite an appetite and controlling his intake is extremely important.  Jason decided to eat no more than 2000 calories of food a day to keep his fat levels down.   He downs about 5 litres of water a day to cleanse his body and fill him up, while skipping foods like bread, pasta, refined flour, sweets, fruit juice and alcohol to keep his intake clean and free of harmful ingredients.  Instead opting for six healthy meals consisting of vegetables, egg whites, fish, lean meat, nuts and protein shakes to give him the fuel he needs to both perform and recover. Writing every single piece of food down was the best way to manage these intakes, keeping his water up and caloric intake down, to shred up.

Pull ups - an excellent muscle developerIn terms of muscle mass, Jason utilises heavy compound movements (like the big three) of 5 reps of less to keep his muscles from shrinking.  Jason also did a lot of interval and circuit training including kettlebells, light weight and other bodyweight exercises like burpies to stay shredded and light on his feet. Every workout is different, no workout is the same within a six week period, constantly switching things up to shock his body in new ways. Jason attribute his shredded physique to his “vomit inducing” intensity.

This combination of clean eating and high intesnity training will give anyone a hard, lean physiqe in time.  Following Jason’s approach of constantly changing physical activity with strict eating, leaving our all the the processed foods and going as natural as possible with a bit of proper supplementation you should see a difference in no time.