35 Top Fitness Articles & Posts from around the web!

I find writing for this website quite rewarding and the feedback I get is excellent.  But like most people in the field of fitness, weight loss and/or muscle growth the information is learned or picked up from somewhere else before put into practice, where experience grows.  So here are some top reads from around the web:

Grow Big Muscles With Vince!Articles by Vince Delmonte

Vince Delmonte is a Canadian physique champion and former hardgainer whose knowledge in muscle gain and weight loss is up there with the very best.

Why Weight Lifting Is An Exercise That Delivers Top Health Benefits
The Razor Sharp Abdominal Workout
Fiber, All About Fiber
7 Things You Must Do For Defined Muscle

5 “Under Utilized” Fat Burning Foods

Muscle Building Program For Skinny Guys

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Get Massive Muscles with Jason!Jason Ferruggia

Jason Ferruggia is a highly sought after, world renowned strength training & muscle growth expert. Jason writes articles for Men’s Health and many other top fitness magazines.

How to Build Big Bigger Arms
Want to Build Muscle Fast? Spend Less Time in the Gym

Part 1
Part 2: Exercise Selection
Part 3: Nutrition
Part 4: Supplements
Part 5: Meal Frequency

Part 6: Support Gear

Learn Fast Ways to Lose Weight!Isabel De Los Rios

Isabel De Los Rios is a world class nutritionist and exercise specialist who has helped over 25,000 people lose incredible amounts of weight, whilst improve their health and permanently change their lives.

The Best Diet is No Diet at All!
Does Fat Really Make You Fat?
Do carbs make you FAT?
Fast and Easy Weight Loss tips you can start Right Now
Eating Healthy While Traveling
The Truth About Cholesterol

Mike Geary - Lose Weight Fast!Mike Geary

Mike geary, a recognized Platinum Expert Fitness Author by ezinearticles.com, and have had many fitness articles published on over 1,300 fitness websites around the world. Mike has also been selected as a contributing author to the popular Muscle & Fitness Magazine & Oxygen Magazine.

Does Diet Soda Make You Fat?
Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs and all of the Carb BS in Between
The Truth about Glycemic Index, Potatoes, and “White Foods”
Effective Fat Loss Office Workouts for Time Crunched People
Get a Leaner Hard-Body with Healthier Post Workout Nutrition
Get Visible Abs with these Workout, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Secrets

Other fantastic articles from quality websites:

The Ultimate Radical Physique Transformation?!
The Difference: Growing Old vs Staying Young
What is Body Fat? Part I

What is Body Fat? Part II

Leg-Training With Unilateral Workout Strategy

5 Tips How to Get Ripped Like the Spartans in 300
Gain More Every Gym Visit

Six “Often-Ignored” Reasons Why You Haven’t Been Able To Gain Weight

From Geek to Freak: How I Gained 34 lbs. of Muscle in 4 Weeks